If I Never Forever Endeavor

I would like to post things that inspire me.  It could be: pictures, quotes, things people have told me — anything I think is worth sharing!

If I Never Forever Endeavor

-Holly Meade

Shortly after arriving in New Zealand I took the kids to the library for their weekly story time   The 4.5 year old and I were looking around when I came across this book. I am not sure exactly what drew me to it out of the hundreds on the shelf, but for some reason I felt compelled to read it to her. The children’s picture book felt like a sign that I had made the right decision to move and that it was all going to be okay.

If I Never Forever Endeavor

-Holly Meade

If in all of forever,
I never endeavor
to fly, I won’t know if I can.

I won’t know if I can’t.

I won’t know if or whether
a flight I
might fly,
should I choose
to not ever give it a try.

On the wing,

I could try
and find
and I flap
and I flail,

flounder and plummet,
look foolish
and fail.

On the other wing,

I could try
and take flight,

rise high and
float free,
sail through the trees.

If I did endeavor, and found my wings clever,

I could see the world!

Or get lost in it.

My nest is so nice,

the nicest of nests.
Who needs to fly – ever?

I think I’ll forget
all about this “endeavor.”

But, look there…

if I don’t fly,
I won’t know
what it is
to swoop low
or soar high,

or what it’s like to

pluck a sweet bug
from the sky.

I won’t know how it feels to

scallop the air
with a dip
and a glide.

Or float alongside a friend.

I suppose
I could try
a little flap,

a flutter…
or two!


Look at me!
I’m dipping and gliding
and daring and…

If I hadn’t endeavored

and found my wings clever,
I never a sky
would have scaled,
never a world
would have seen,

And never a friend would have found.

Friends of a feather,

I say, endeavor and


I believe that I was meant to read that book and I am so glad I have chosen to live my life and “fly”!

xo Amanda

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