Tornado hits West Auckland

Not having to update the blog everyday feels like I am on vacation!!! Wanted to do a quick update to let everyone know I am alive and safe. Emma’s family and my family are both safe and sound.

There was a tornado that hit West Auckland around 12:15pm causing 3 fatalities and about 7 in the hospital. I got a phone call (from the mom) in the afternoon to let me know there had been an tornado and the boys may be a bit frightened when I picked them up from school in the afternoon. I told her that we had planned on going to our doctor’s appointment and then we would either come home or walk around the mall looking for Christmas presents. (Best to stay inside and be safe!!) The morning had been cold and overcast and then it rained heavily all afternoon. Other than that Torbay didn’t get affected. Tornadoes are a regular thing so don’t get too worried about my safety. The last one that hit was about two years ago.

If anyone is interested in reading the local news article this is the website I read:

Picture taken from Friday, Dec 7, 2012 New Zealand Herald newspaper.

Picture taken from Friday, Dec 7, 2012 New Zealand Herald newspaper.

Thanks for checking in on me xox

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