Jungle by the Sea


Today when we woke up it was cloudy so we were a little discouraged but decided we would head to the beach anyway. We chose to go to Piha instead of Muriwai because there was a nearby waterfall we were keen to see. We headed out through the windy road to Piha. It was a blue sky but definitely a very windy day. We spent our time walking along the beach (burning the bottoms of our feet because the sand was so hot), climbing Lions Rock to get a great view and many photo ops.


Emzie and I are getting really good at perfecting the action shots…we make a great team she snapping and me jumping.  After our climb down we got to enjoy a scrumptious picnic followed by a quick lay down on the beach. I have burnt my shoulders and back pretty badly so I resorted to covering my body with a towel today. The girls commented that they don’t think I can get any darker…their comments pleased me. I lurve being dark!

Next we ventured off to find the Kitekite Falls. After finding the right road to park on, it was an enjoyable forty minute walk through jungle like greenery and a lot of uphill walking. The mini hike exhausted us all. In the end it was worth the walk because the three tier waterfall was gorgeous. The falls were pretty crowded with other swimmers and photographers so we didn’t quite get the secluded waterfall experience we were hoping for. There was a pool at the base of the falls it which we all decided to swim in regardless of the temperature (which was quite cold). EXTREMELY cold. I feared my legs were going numb but the girls encouraged me to breathe through the numbness!

DSCN9257 IMG_8067

Tomorrow is our rest and organization day before our 5 day roadtrip to Cape Reinga, Bay of Islands and Goat Island. Not sure how much access I will have to free internet so it may be awhile until my next blog post. This everyday blogging can’t last forever J

Again, thanks to our beautiful Ana for pitching in and helping with the blog.

Buddha Blessings
xox Amanda + Ana

P.S. Kristy is going to share some cool stuff in the next blog. Can’t wait. Thanks for the great blog title too. The photos shared today were a combination of all four of our cameras. It’s great to have a variety of pictures to chose from!!!

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