Bio and Fun Facts

*~* I lived and worked in Auckland, New Zealand (as an Au Pair for one year) and am currently living out my dreams in Thailand!!! *~*

I’m short but use my big brown eyes to see the world!

I enjoy laughing and love being surrounded by those that love me and help me to laugh daily! Travelling and photography are two of my passion and I feel so fortunate to be able to blend the two together.

Crafting consumes me and I always find the time runs away from me. Piecing together pictures and quotes into collages or cards is by far one of my all time favourite hobbies. When I pull myself away from friends/family and crafting; I am eating, sleeping or playing with kids.  I love the feeling of an adrenaline rush: Roller coasters, turbulent planes and other fast moving vehicles are my idea of a fantastic time. Rock climbing, skiing and tubing will get me screaming for joy!

I definitely do not look, act, or feel my age
I am very co-dependent, shy and lack self confidence
When I am among friends I am loud, fun and adventurous

WITH ALL my insecurities and anxieties…I have always had the most amazing friends and support system. They keep me smiling and wanting to dance.

 A massive thank you to all those who have been there for me. And for all those that will continue to come into my life and keep me smiling and laughing.

Places I have Lived:

Wow it looks like so much more when it’s actually typed out!!!

1. Bangkok, Thailand
(orphanage, apartment)

2. Sarnia, Ontario

3. Markville (Toronto), Ontario

4. Houston, Texas

5. Victoria, British Columbia
(apartment, boarding school & house)

6. Nanaimo, British Columbia

7. Victoria, British Columbia
(basement suite, house)

8. Nanaimo, British Columbia
(small dorm house)

9. Victoria, British Columbia
(2 bedroom apartment yay!, house)

10. Torbay, New Zealand

11. Nonthanburi, Thailand
(small apartment)

12. Bangkok, Thailand

9 thoughts on “Bio and Fun Facts

  1. Uncle Ken and I got caught up on your Blog last night and we are overwhelmed at everything you’ve gone through in such a short time. PLEASE stay safe and know that we are thinking about you. I just signed up to follow your adventures and hope that things start going uphill for you now. We have been sick with bad colds since we got back from Kelowna but today I’m finally feeling we might be on the mend. Still sitting here at the computer working at recovering everything we lost in our crash. Very slow going but still better than if we had lost everything permanently. Stay in touch.

    Aunty Helle

    • Thanks! After I read about your crash I backed up all my photos and documents onto my external harddrive! It was a great reminder to stay proactive with my files 🙂 xo

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    • Wow thanks for the compliments! I am definitely no where NEAR a seasoned writer :). I enjoy writing and expressing my thoughts through words and other creative outlets. Thanks for checking my blog out!

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  5. Love your blog !
    I went to PAKKRED Home in 2011.
    I hope to move back to Bangkok soon.
    I’d like to volunteer at PAKKRED, or elsewhere with kids.
    Thanks for sharing your story !

    • I have been back a handful of times. Not the most welcoming greeting but friendly staff. Thanks for commenting and reading the blog. I hope to post some more in the future.

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