Don’t count me out –just a slump

Thank you to everyone who continues to check the blog for updates. During our recent road trip to Rotorua and Taupo the song Brown Eyed Girl played off my ipod!! As I sang along I thought of how unmotivated I have been feeling recently. It doesn’t help that I don’t have access to free internet. OR that the library and McDonald’s internet seems to become more and more unreliable as the days go on. It really doesn’t help that I haven’t been doing much of anything during the week. My days continue to consist of: walking, reading and eating. Job posting, submissions of resumes and job interviews are pretty much over. Fingers crossed.

I’ve typed up a few blogs that I will edit and add pictures to soon… Also I plan on going back to the old layout or trying a new one out. Still haven’t found one that makes me happy yet.
Thanks for all the well wishes and words of encouragement! I love you all and appreciate it more than you could understand.
Just a small girl in a big big world.

–Bizzle I LOVE you girl stay strong and know that I am thinking about you.

xoxo Amanda

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